Everyone has one - the horror story of the regift. Either a gift received was obviously regifted, or you've been caught out cold regifting something!

It was a regifting nightmare that prompted the building of REGIFT, the app. A wedding gift, received. A crystal vase. ANOTHER crystal vase. Not on the registry. Not wanted. Not needed. The box opened, a sigh, the box closed.

Until a friend's wedding. A-ha! Just the gift for a wedding - a crystal vase! It was dug out of the back of closet, where it had been collecting dust for a year or so. Cleaned off, re-wrapped, and voila - a brand new gift.

EXCEPT....when the new recipients opened it up, they actually took it out of the box. And guess what? A wedding invitation was engraved on it. Lovely idea, right? Shame it wasn't THEIR wedding invitation!

Oh, the embarrassment. Oh. the shame. Oh, the laughs we got - thankfully. Still friends. Amazingly!

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6/29/2015 02:22:07 am


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