Regift App - Never Embarrass Yourself Again!

Everyone knows someone that it's happened to - either they've given a gift back to someone by mistake, or received something obviously regifted!

Let REGIFT keep you from making that mistake ever again. A simple app that will keep track of what you want to regift, and who NOT to give it to!

No more forgetting, "Who gave me this?"  REGIFT will manage your gifts, givers and recipients in one handy spot.

Learn why REGIFT was built and share your regifting horror stories here (Regifting Nightmares)!


Simple to use, REGIFT lets you enter a gift you've received, who gave it to you, when and why.

But more than that, you can enter who NOT to give it to in the future, and also who you did give it to. No more embarrassing moments!

It will also prompt you to check for personal information in the gift - such as a card, engraving or other tell-tale sign of regifting - before you regift it.

You'll save face and save money with REGIFT.
  • Keep track of gifts received that you want to regift
  • Add a photo of gifts to each entry
  • Keep track of who gave you each gift
  • Manage what occasion you received gifts
  • Add notes on who NOT to give the gift to
  • Categorize all your gifts into easy to find categories
  • Mark a gift as "regifted" and store it in the archives

Available on iTunes for .99!